27 Jun 2020
#Keepsouthmoving May Challenge Review

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In May 80 parents, students and pupils signed up to complete the #keepsouthmoving challenge. To complete the challenge competitors aimed to achieve a Bronze, Silver, Gold or platinum criteria within their discipline; Run, Walk or Cycle.

As a group we travelled a massive 9,986.4km!!

For cycling 5 people achieved platinum award (travelling over 450km) with one competitor achieving an amazing distance of 1348km! 8 compeitiors achieved Gold travelling over 300km; 2 Silver travelling over 200km and 4 Bronze travelling over 100km.

For running 6 people achieved platinum award travelling over 120km with one competitor reaching an amazing 332.1km! 4 competitors achieved Gold travelling 100km, 7 Silver travelling 75km and 7 Bronze travelling 50km!

For walking we had 10 competitors achieving platinum travelling over 90km with one student reaching an amazing distance of 328.86km!! For Gold we had 6 competitors achieving 75km, 1 Silver travelling 50km and 2 Bronze travelling 25km.

Well done to everyone who took part and we are looking forward to seeing how we travel in June!